July 16, 2018

How the renewable energy industry must react to political populism’s abandonment of clean power policies.

We’re seeing it everywhere. Populist leaders appealing to the pocketbook, to apparent self-interest and to a brand of nationalism that is unseen in decades. And they […]
May 28, 2012

The changing role of the blog…

As many of you might notice, my recent “blogging” has taken a dip as we set the sails of renewz to the next level and business […]
February 2, 2012

Apple is the most valued brand in the world.

You know why? Take a read to understand a bit of the mythology of the brand. A great read and so true.
January 7, 2012

Does anyone win at CES? I think you can yet you must…

CES is the largest electronics trade fair in North America, and it happens once per year in Las Vegas. Hundreds of thousands of buyers, media, vendors […]