A friend wrote this tonight (Paul S.) and I felt perfect to share , specially in these uncertain times:

I want to invite you all somewhere…

Somewhere safe, but uncomfortable…

Somewhere you’ve never stayed in with intention, but necessary…

Somewhere few ever visit, and even fewer remain…

I want to invite you to… Uncertainty.


Certainty means no doubt, which means “I’m right”.

It also means, “You’re wrong.”

Certainty puts me over here, and you over there.

Certainty blocks my ears and opens my mouth.

Certainty closes my heart as it strengthens my prejudices.

Uncertainty is, well, uncertain.

And it’s the most human and humane thing we could do in this time.

Uncertainty invites in curiosity.

Uncertainty allows for diversity of experience.

Uncertainty allows for respect to flow freely to all.

Uncertainty nurtures respect for your belief in the moment.

Uncertainty liberates us to honour each other, to want to protect each other, to commit to our collective well-being.

I’m not certain about anything anymore.

So I ask and I ponder and I wonder and I reflect.

I listen. I feel. I love and I grieve.

From politicians to CEOs to doctors and neighbors, what we need now is not more certainty, we need less.

Think on this. Reflect on it. Feel into it.

It might feel strange, might even scare you.

Until it doesn’t.

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