UberEnergies partners with Koben Systems on first Quebec deployment.


UberEnergies is pleased to announce an agreement with Koben Systems Inc. for the deployment of Koben’s GENIUS intelligent electric panel, at its new HQ pilot building, to be located in St-Sauveur, Quebec (just north of Montreal).

The HQ building will be outfitted with intelligent load, vehicle charging and grid balancing tools, that allow it to be a first ever in Quebec. Some of the advantages of the Koben system include:

Key Features and Benefits:

Advanced Digital Control: Leave behind the limitations of analog switches and dials. Our GENIUS-Smart Solid-State Panel offers precise, digital control over your electrical distribution, consumption and connected DERS allowing for automatic adjustments and real-time control, monitoring and management with intuitive unified platform-GENIUS Q.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Seamlessly manage power consumption with unparalleled precision. Our solution optimizes energy distribution, minimizing wastage and lowering utility costs, while intelligently adapting to changing demand patterns.

Robust Reliability: Bid farewell to the mechanical wear and tear of traditional systems. Our GENIUS Solid-State Panel boasts solid-state technology that is virtually maintenance-free, ensuring consistent performance over its long operational lifespan.

Real-time Control, Management, and Monitoring and Insights: Gain invaluable insights into your electrical system’s health and performance. Our GENIUS-Smart Panel provides real-time data on energy usage, load balancing, Demand Response and fault detection and correction, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.

Integrated Safety Features: Prioritize safety with built-in protective algorithms. The GENIUS-Smart Solid-State Panel includes Al-Actionable Intelligence, dynamic pricing, load control and management, surge protection, arc fault, appliance fault with early warning detection, and overcurrent detection, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and ensuring compliance with modern safety standards.

Combined with other smart electrical technologies (to be announced soon), the building aims to be net-zero, even during arduous canadian winters.

Koben CEO, Vic Burconak stated: “We are pleased to be working with Sass Peress and team in this first ever deployment of our system in Quebec. Although their unit wont be able to benefit from the entire suite of features, these will be activated as Quebec improves its ability to work with distribute electric assets. UberEnergies will represent Koben on an exclusive basis in Quebec, and we look forward to further inquiries accordingly accelerating from that market”.

UberEnergies CEO, Sass Peress stated: “In conceptualizing our new headquarters we sought out the most intelligent energy control possible for our building, and believe that Koben’s fits that description. We are proud to be associated with such an innovative Canadian firm, in the energy space.”

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