Innovator…From disruptor to contributor

How does an organization innovate when its’ culture is rigidly entrenched in “this is how it’s done here” mentality? Enable your innovators, so they become contributors VS disruptors.

A few thoughts below, shared with me this morning by the leader of an innovation group:

• The culture of innovation motivates to take risks and dare to venture off the beaten path.
• Integration is the art of finding that rare gem and maximizing its full potential as quickly as possible.
• Motivation targets the organization’s ability to keep the flame that makes innovators so creative and efficient.
• Leadership greatly influences the performance of teams, especially in a matrix and collaborative context.
• Behaviors both reinforce and demolish innovations, so it is important to focus on them.
• The values ​​associated with innovation rally all the key players towards success, commercial and operational.
• Retention is fundamental, because humans innovate from what they know and by taking that knowledge to another level.
• Organizational capacity provides the means to achieve its innovation ambitions.
• The business model has immense potential for innovation, yet often may kill it, given resistance to change.

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