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Every time I have judged at the John Molson International MBA Case Competition I have asked the partipants to tell me about passions, rather than to give us a chronological list of accomplishments. I want to know what drives people to do what they do. And so in fairness, I must respect the same rule when writing about myself. I’m a driven and passionate person who by his nature is curious as George and looks to the same sky for inspiration that rockets travel through. I love my children and helping them become givers in whatever circle they travel. I once owned two dogs named Sunshine and Moonlight, and a cat named Sky. If I had bought a chimp, I would’ve named him Storm.

Over the years I have developed a love of environmental technologies, not so much because I am a tree-hugger, rather because I think its simply the right thing to do. I do not believe we can save the planet. however, I do believe we can extend our lease on earth by doing the right thing and eliminating dirty energy technologies. The planet will save itself by kicking us out when we’ve abused it enough.

I would like for all to think about what I write beyond the moment after they are done, so I will always try to create conversation rather than answer questions.I am surrounded by loving people in my life and retain faith that I will be remembered for having made a positive difference in their lives, and that of most of whom I have ever come across, whether for a moment or a lifetime.

Doing the right thing is often not the easiest nor most convenient, yet its the best thing to do. If we always act as if one of our children is sitting on our shoulders, this world would be a far better place.

Be the gift.

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