The changing role of the blog…

As many of you might notice, my recent “blogging” has taken a dip as we set the sails of renewz to the next level and business development activities accelerate. Between the determination of how to blog on the renewz site vs this one, activity, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, its hard to know where to focus and how to separate what goes onto the corporate blog and what stays on the personal one.

The reason for this blog was to help me create a forum for discussion about solar energy, yet today my interests go far beyond that. What I will attempt to do is to separate the blog entries here from those on the renewz site by their relevance to the renewz areas of focus, which are not anywhere exclusively about renewable power.

Thanks to those who continue to check periodically onto this site. The content will be refreshed starting in June and hopefully the level of discussion can be one which resonates with a large number of readers.



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