Does anyone win at CES? I think you can yet you must…

CES is the largest electronics trade fair in North America, and it happens once per year in Las Vegas. Hundreds of thousands of buyers, media, vendors and others flock to the mecca of sin in order to get a glimpse of things which won’t be on the market for months, or perhaps never reach us.

Is it worth it? This article says NO,  yet I’m not so sure. I remember the best successes we had was when we really had something “different” to flaunt. It was not about how big a booth we had, yet more about what manner we went about distinguishing ourselves through product or message from the pack.

Writers run around seeking “scoops” and want to show what is really cool and new. It is up to small exhibitors to get their attention in manners that are affordable, specially when giants are paying high prices for their PR agents to do the same.

Personally, I still see value in it, yet its not as obvious as the show promoters would have you think. Microsoft quit the show, and its stock has not plummeted. Yet has its “cache”?


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