Who is greener..Google or Microsoft?

Seems like these two IT giants are set to battle on yet another front…who is the greener of them all!
Microsoft had previously announced solar installations to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its massive use of energy when along comes Google today and announces its own solar energy generation program.
And then we learn that one of the Google billionaires, Sergei Brin, has been using solar power to recharge his mobile phone in London! So it seems that celebrities, industry movers and others are now embracing this technology as it becomes CHIC to be GREEN!
The awareness will simply continue to grow as people of this stature validate the technology as life-enhancing. Adoption however will continue to depend on how we can design products that enhance the customer’s life experience rather than interfere with it for the sake of being green.


  1. Seamus Allard says:

    Hi Sass,
    Your last comments are so true,we all want to interfere with the way everything works,its like we want to put our own slant on everything we touch.
    I suppose its natural to want to be seen,best at what we do and i suppose the big guns want a bit of the action too.
    Over here in Ireland at the moment,their is a big struggle,with the new concepts of renewables,their costs both to the envoirement and their pockets.
    Which will win,will depend on many factors,some of which our government has complete controll of but are reluctant to let go off,due mainly to the fact that its still very profitable to be in non-renewables.
    Some groups are now releasing some sub-factored material and because of the lack of renewables information they are being led “up the garden path” ,for a want of better words to describe whats happening here.
    Did you spot that GOOGLE had a Google Earth Day, back before the summer time? ,this year.
    My bets on them so far,but lets see what the microsofts of the world have up their sleeve.
    Anyway,its always good to read whats going on with you,
    all the best from sunny Ireland
    Seamus Allard

  2. Vlad Dobrovolsky says:

    Hi Sass,
    Thinking about this topic I recall how impressed I was recently to come across the web-site of Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley electric roadster manufacturer (www.teslamotors.com). It reminds me of your comment on X1 roadster but, in my opinion, Tesla guys are probably closer than anyone else to the low-volume serial production of the car that will revolutionize the way of transportation. And guess who are among the investors of this promising business? Right, the “sweet couple” of Larry Page and Sergey Brin couldn’t miss this opportunity. I think one of Tesla roadsters will soon replace the Toyota Prius in Sergey’s parking lot, charging from brand new Google’s solar array. To date, it’s probably the “greenest” approach one could realistically dream of!
    People can dispute about the intrinsic value of skyrocketing Google shares, but it’s hard to deny the intrinsic intelligence of Google founders. Not only they’re smart enough to build a multibillion business, but also to feel responsible for the future of the planet. That’s a decent example to follow. Hopefully, there will be many followers soon, expanding the renewable energy market for industry leaders like ICP Solar.
    By the way Sass, how soon do you think we should expect first fully electric cars on Canadian roads? Or at least to see them on Montreal Motor Show?

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