Politics of the day…wanna pull your hair out yet?

The politics of the day has us stretched to the extremes. The extreme left wants one gender, to which I say “wtf”? I have a penis and you don’t, and we’re one gender? Get yourself a penis and then come into the men’s washroom anytime. Or just make agnostic washrooms.

The extreme right wants to deny a woman’s right over her body or that “love is love”, to which I say “wtf”? Do you really get what Jesus was trying to preach because your judgment sure doesn’t sound like it. Who are you to tell men or women they can’t be a couple? You want the right to refuse a gay couple service ? You could easily look back to the 50s when blacks were refused service too. Was that your friggin religion talking back then as well?

Both extremes today are with a sense of entitlement. They actually resemble each other. As fascism and communism dictate from above, true democracy lands in a balanced middle.

When the majority is served by a leader who understands this rather than play people against each other, then a country will regain its sense of balance and true leadership will emerge. Until then, people will play the extremes against each other like gladiators, and the real sufferer is democracy. You cannot separate a person from their policies. Al Capone was a thief even though he gave to the church.

I’ve met with a few American governors who repeat “I believe in the constitution”. Hopefully that belief starts to translate into the calling out of leaders on any side who do not try to create balanced compromise. There can’t be absolutes on either side.

The extreme left will be indignant at what I write. The extreme right will say my views aren’t Christian. The moment that happens, it will simply prove how similar they are.

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