Where is the Canada I once knew?

As a federal election nears, I am left wondering where the Canada that I loved has gone to?

Much has been written by others about the rightward drift of the country under the Harper administration. This has led to a “mini USA” policy slant in many areas such as environment, guns and war. It is not the Canada we have been known as by the rest of the world, yet rather a mini version of our southerly neighbour.

One of the most glaring examples of this is actually in an area where the current American administration “outflanks” the current Canadian one, and that is regarding the environment and renewable energies (topics clearly close to my own heart). While Obama slows down the Keystone project, understanding its net effect on carbon is not as small as some claim, Harper jumps to criticize him while pretending not to? Seriously Steven..you add the words “i am not trying to get involved in US internal policies”. A load of sh** that is.

In the area of war, Canada has become an “I’ll follow and support you” kind of neighbour, rather than have its own critical thinking about the folly of war that the US has dragged the rest of the world into in Iraq (under the false premise of WMDs) and also in Afghanistan (cleaning up the mess it left when it dropped support of Bin Laden against the Russians). Rather than have its own voice, Canada now simply mimics the past Republican presidents of the US, cleaning up their messes, as Obama has been forced to do.

And finally there are guns. Alberta Conservatives used to be a powerful group and this has led to the watering down of the anti-gun policies of previous canadian governments. Now with western Conservatives challenged, this is actually not as great an area of concern, simply because Canada simply doesn’t want to go back to the wild west days and doesn’t have as organized a gun lobby as the US does.

I will vote for the Liberals. I am not quite convinced that Trudeau isn’t ready, as the Conservative commercials keep hammering at. Yet let’s be clear, I’m also not quite convinced that he has the team around him to shore up weaknesses either. Rather than show me their ingenuity in new policies for a new world, the Conservatives use the old tactics of shoot at Trudeau, then explain later. This simply turned me right off. I’m not going to vote for a party who’s unique message is to point to Trudeau’s hair. Poor marketing. Not for Canada.

And so its not so much that I am firm believer in Trudeau as a firm “disbeliever” in Harper’s vision for Canada. The lesser of two evils it shall be for me. As for Mulcair…just not interested in throwing Canada into major debt and another economic decline. Non merci.

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  1. Lawrence says:


    Much of what you says bears credence. I am a liberal at heart, but will vote with my head, not my heart in the election. I have kids, and I will vote for stability and experienced government. We have had stability since the Liberal ad-money scandal all but obliterated the part under Chrétien.

    Trudeau is not too young…he is a marketing strategy, being deployed out of desperation. He should have accomplished something meaningful, like Paul Martin did before he ran for election, won and then fell under a sword that should have landed elsewhere. The Conservative strategy is unfolding…slowly. Step one…create uncertainty about unproven, glitzy leadership. (Where’s the Beef). Step two…likely show me specifics. Step 3… Provide proof that while not perfect (environment and renewable energy), Canada is stable, prosperous and the envy of many countries around the world. I would be surprised not to see a major announcement on the environment and renewable energy become a major plank I the Conservative platform about two weeks before the vote with a huge TV and SM push. Remember….it’s a long election process. This is early ground war tactical stuff. Big moves near the end-game.

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