The power of apps is changing the world.

Everywhere we go, we are now being moved towards a society of apps. Game Apps, Business Apps, School Apps, Social Apps, Educational Apps. How many are sitting right now reading a book vs playing an app? I suspect the curves are upside down, with apps growing exponentially and book reading…well perhaps that’s now reserved for when your phone is out of service, out of power or out of reach?

The power of apps came into full view recently when a business associate headlined how the iPad is revolutionizing sales processes. Go to a home show, and you’ll see salespeople walking around with iPads and their latest selling apps. Car salesmen are now handed iPads to move the sales process from the cubicle to the couch. Business travellers no longer take their heavy laptops when they don’t need the storage…because the cloud provides them with that..and even planes are now offering internet connectivity more and more.

Game companies got this early on, and are one of the biggest beneficiaries of our world’s move to mobile apps. They are now targeting the 1billion user mark rather than the 1million user mark. So perhaps it is the apps that have made the radical change in how the largest number of people can be targeted….and advertisers are all over that. The mobile device whether it fits in your palm of hand, pocket, sleeve in briefcase or purse is the new media and all who use it to their advantage will learn its power in a very short time. And as usual, it would necessarily be the best app that wins, it will be the one that gains the most traction with consumers. The power of the market is so that no matter how great your app invention, if users don’t flock to it and if they don’t stick with it, then its days are numbered.



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