Surprise Discovery?

Well many of you may have read today about the news of the purchase of Discover Power by ICP Solar.
This news probably comes as a surprise to a solar power market which wasn’t sure of our direction in this category, yet now confirms to it that we intend very much on being the dominant player in the “end to end” solutions market for home owners, both grid and off-grid.
Discover Power is led by a superb team which has so much experience, they were even repairing charge controllers years ago in their back part of their warehouse. These guys know solar like nobody else, they are located in the largest solar market in America, and they have a superb growth plan which so parallels ours; it made perfect sense for us to buy them.
Above all, its about the people. Crystal and Damian have stellar reputations in the industry and bring to ICP Solar a wealth of knowledge and market information which will help guide our future developments. They have a great brand and will now propel it even further with our support. A flurry of early morning emails already tells me that ICP Solar‘s own retailers are thrilled to be able to add larger system knowledge and opportunities to their offerings as well. And the fact that Damian personally installed the first ever solar roof shingle system in Southern California, means that he’ll be a huge guiding hand in our rooftop tile strategy for that market. Cannot imagine a better person to help ensure our product is RIGHT!
Onwards and upwards the plan goes…and its all pointing to the sun!

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