Imagine the day that your jacket is your solar power…

Wearable electronics is the way to go when it comes to the opportunity for our clothing to be our self-generating power station. Now that cotton has been intertwined with nano technology, the promise of the future is closer.

So just imagine using Konarka organic solar cell technology and ScottEvest jacket prowess to create the next generation of solar powered jackets. We attempted to launch such a venture in 2004 with ScottEvest using Global Solar CIGS cells, yet the reality is that the cost of layering the cells and integrating into the jacket were too high at that time.

Perhaps with the lower costs organic cells and a better integration technology right into the fabric, we’ll see such devices launched in the coming years…permitting us all to be little solar generators!

PS> I know that as a blog writer, I am moving slowly beyond solar and into the areas of electric vehicles and other mating technologies, so expect a much needed revamp of this website in the coming weeks.


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