Sunlogics and GM…solar power propulsion…

Today, at our new Rochester Hills manufacturing facility, we announced a deal between GM Ventures (GM’s venture capital arm) and Sunlogics PLC, whereby GMV invested $7.5M for working capital requirements into Sunlogics PLC.

The press conference was a success,not so much for the physical presence of reporters on a rain-drenching Detroit Day, yet more for the fact that we got to this point, despite many odds.

So many great team members participated in today’s success and all are equally deserving for helping to make this day a great success. The harsh realities of a challenged solar panel price market did not deter our leadership from investing in a solar facility. Rather it is in these times that foresight plays the cards best. Every market that goes down, goes up again one day. It is the rule of supply and demand. And in the case of Sunlogics, to label us simply as a solar panel supplier is to completely misunderstand our strategy.

Products rarely make anyone money today. Products + Services do. The critical part is how to combine a product, packaged into a service, for end customers in a manner that has them wanting more.

Energy is a service, not a product, yet all too often it is sold as an item, a SKU (stock keeping unit) and the relationship with the customer is never nurtured beyond the cash transaction. Offered as a service, it becomes part of the daily life of the customer, helping them do things they could not do without it.

Sunlogics and GM have a vision which is in line with a better future. Both teams have had challenges in the past, yet it is from those challenges that we can take our best lessons. I’ve had a few humbling experiences in the past week, and in fact even today in a deep discussion with a caring colleague, and frankly speaking, it was when I stood alone in the emptied conference factory area, that I realized once again how small a pea I am in the big universe’s picture. There before me was a VOLT car, a symbol of the future. We were alone for just long enough for me to realize that I am participating in the making of history for so many people. From the factory workers that labor to make that car, to the teams within Sunlogics and GM who have worked so hard to reach this day.

I met many great people from GM, and even newbies in Sunlogics. I hope that the future is laden with many new announcements together, signalling further combined successes. And now…a cold cerveza por favor..


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  1. Salut!
    Wonderful news
    Keep going and stay humble.

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