Will Sunlogics re-alignment make a difference?

Sunlogics PLC today announced major changes to their management team. Chuck Bryant moved to “Interim” CEO while a special advisor has been placed by the board to oversee the changes.

There is good news in the appointment of Mr. Kamesh Gupta to the board. This is a sensible move. Kamesh is an honest, ethical and forthright individual who spent years helping GM carve their renewable energy policies and implementations.

What does this mean for GM? Most probably greater focus on delivering on their needs. And for those vested in Sunlogics, it hopefully means that the company will be re-aligned to deliver on its initiatives. The absence of any mention of Energizer either in the body or in the “about Sunlogics” section most probably also means the end of that association.

The lack of mention of the Power Fund, most likely also means that they will not be doing the project handoffs previously thought.

I do hope that Sunlogics’ most recent realignment spells the beginning of greater action. There are a lot of good people in the company who have been silently waiting to be empowered and elevated to success.



  1. S. Collard says:

    Hello Sass,

    would it be possible for you to send me your e-mail.
    I would like to discuss some points of Sunlogics/EPV/SMLU more privately (whenever possible).


  2. Shirley Ouellette says:

    Hello Sass,

    I hold EPOD shares and, as per a news release in 2011, EPOD, ICP SOLAR and ROOF TOP SOLAR were merging to form Sunlogics.
    To date, I have received no confirmation on any emails I have sent to Sunlogics or directly to Michael Matvieshen as to when there would be a transfer of shares to SUNLOGICS.
    Do you have any information/opinion as to when the transfer of shares willl be done?
    Thank you.
    Shirley Ouellette

    • sass says:

      Shirley, I have no idea but you can ask Mike at 250-860-7534 (thats his mobile phone) or 250-681-1010 (that’s his iphone number)



  3. sunfever says:

    Dear Sass,

    I am a Arise Technologies shareholder. The shares are not trading at the moment and Arise has major financial difficulties. Salamon Group is now there senior secured creditor. Do you know something about Arise ? Do you think their technology has some worth ? The research and development of high efficencies cells and this silicium patent they have ? Do you think Sunlogics will aquire Arise Technologies ???

    • sass says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I really know very little about what is going on more than what the public records are showing. Both Arise and Salamon Group (aka Sunlogics Power aka Sunlogics Power Fund Management Inc) have shareholders who have taken quite a “beating” in the recent months, so I believe you are in good company. I don’t believe that there is any capacity for SLMU to Arise’s technology, however they are interested in the Ontario market, and so might wish to acquire their systems division. However, if I was you, I would not count on seeing any benefits from that deal. The secured creditors far outpace the value of assets, and therefore it is not likely that shareholders will participate in any significant way in the transaction…unless SLMU also wishes to acquire a tainted Toronto Stock Exchange listing. Sorry that I could not be of more help than this.

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