Solar on the Seas…

If you read today’s announcement by ICP Solar about our partnership with West Marine for their solar charger program then you will note that we’re really on a great path of partnership with some of the biggest names in their particular industry.
It is a critical part of ICP Solar‘s strategy to partner with leading companies such as Wal-Mart, Costco, VW, Winnebago, West Marine, Sears, Conrad, Dick Smiths, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin and others who are leaders in their sectors. Leaders always demand honest, ethics and integrity not only from their partners but also from their own teams. Its what makes dealing with such companies a pleasure, albeit a demanding one!
While they will be some of the toughest negotiating partners you’ll ever meet, the fact is that they understand a company’s need to bring return to its stakeholders and that only through profits can a partner invest in the innovation required to continue to drive their businesses forward.
Solar power on the seas has never been better than with our Sunsei program, now available at West Marine. New products will hit their shelves shortly that will change the paradigm of a market which continues to look to ICP Solar for innovation. With investments in new technologies and through Merger and Acquisitions, ICP Solar has gained a lot of knowledge in the past few months which will translate into better solar power products for our partners.
We have rarely been in as strong a position to attack the market as we are now. Its a completely different feeling that we have when we walk into our HQ office today vs a year ago, and much credit goes to a team that never quit. Now with resources behind us, we are gaining market share and going after markets lost with a vengeance. I won’t foretell the future here, yet I’ll tell you that I am very enthused by what I see inside.

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  1. Abel says:

    I have read last week that Sharp has developed triple junction technology boosting cell conversion efficiency. I would like to know what technologies is ICP researching for future solar cells.
    Thank you,
    Abel, our primary focus is on product development and partnering with base-cell technology researchers. Unfortunately I cannot reveal to you more than is published in our website for disclosure purposes. Our stratey of “satifying customer experiences” is at the core of our focus on developing products and OEM solutions which address the real desires of our customers across all channels. Hope this helps you understand our direction more clearly.

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