Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

Didn’t waste much time this week. Read a lot, cleaned up, drove kids back and forth to camp, dinners, friends. Answered the work emails which were either urgent or from people that I enjoy working with. Ignored those of our world who either bark loud by WRITING IN CAPS, thinking you’ll listen more or the ones that simply weren’t urgent enough to deal with.

These are the moments to relish. All the kids sleeping here tonight, every room occupied. We watched football, Jersey Shore (mind numbing to say the least), played some pingpong, visited a vintage Corvette show and now I’m sitting in our basement waiting for my next car pool pickup round (ethan at 1AM).

Perhaps the greater sense of relaxation led me to revisit the investor boards for Salamon Group Inc. Once again, I received the ire from investors frustrated by the lack of communication by our IR team. I’d be pissed too if people didn’t respond to my emails, no matter why I invested in their company (let’s face it, people who are on investor boards on OTC companies are usually looking for a quick buck!). As I’ve said there, Rome was not built in a day, so patience is going to continue to be the rule. However, there is progress made, the stock is worth multiples of what it was same time last year, so frankly speaking, if some invested at higher levels with the financials status at or near where it was last year, that was their decision with the inherent risks tagging along for the ride.

Tomorrow is my last official “holiday”, so I think I’ll take another stroll through the dog park with Sunshine and Moonlight (our two goldens), sit on the dock responding to the kinder people of the world, and then maybe pitch in a comment or two on a board here or there.

And the funny thing is…I look forward to Monday too!


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