Polution Police with Punch…

Some news today that France has proposed a worldwide environmental watchdog agency to look over and possibly penalize countries which surpass their allotted polution limits. It would seem that scientists and government officials are beginning to read from the same book.
So it seems that recent reports that the world is heating up DUE to manmade events would seem to have made climate change, the environment and renewable energy sources “a la mode”. If this all leads to more legislation supporting solar power, yours truly can only say “its about time!”.
The fact that the “temperature” has risen on this topic, especially at Davos, is good news for our industry. Investment in this sector surpassed $1billion in that past quarter in Silicon Valley and is likely to continue. We are seeing the solar cell become the microchip of the last century. I know I’ve used the analogy before yet I truly believe it will become even more obvious as the races form between the different technologies which are surfacing.
We’ve had little fall out in our industry to date and its just very possible that despite the huge build-up of capacity, that any surplus will be shortlived due to new initiatives put into place by governments worldwide. Whereas they tended to reduce incentives in those countries that had them before, perhaps this new wave will soften those landings and maybe even reverse the trend in Germany and Japan to reduce subsidies and also increase the pace of subsidy in the “new markets” of Spain, France, Italy, USA, and China.
Bottom line..solar power is only one answer to the climate change, yet its a powerful one that can be implemented in the same manner as a multi-server IT environment, totally independant at first and then linked to serve a global community.

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