Japan to push solar in wake of nuclear meltdowns…

Announcement last week by Japan’s PM, in the wake of the news that three of the nuclear plant’s reactors did achieve full meldowns.

When you read the article note how they still believe that solar is more expensive than nuclear. Nowhere did anyone include the cost of the recent mess? Why not? The risk premium associated with nuclear, in my view, makes it a far more expensive source of energy than people are calculating. While wind is great, it does demand lots of new land be used up, whereas rooftop solar is using landscape which is unused and already exists (nothing to build).

When all is built in, I don’t think solar looks as expensive as many think…

ps. to all of you who signed up for Greenspace, be patient with us, the codes will continue to roll out to all today and beyond so that you can share in this wonderful experience.

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