ICP Solar goes grid…

Today we announced a partnership with Integrated Metering Systems, of Florida, for grid-tie solar energy net metering systems working in tandem with our Greenmeter renewable energy web-based monitoring product.
Since we announced the launch of our Sunsei(R) Greenmeter, we have had several offers of metering companies which are already California Energy Commission approved, who wanted to partner with us. We chose IMS because of their history, their quality reputation, certification in California and depth of distribution with the electrical contractor community.
Our Greenmeter has already been installed in solar energy offgrid installations around the world and we are getting rave reviews. I am confident that are at the cusp of something great for ICP Solar with the acquisition that brought us the intellectual property from a small group of bright engineers. With our marketing revamp and our chinese manufacturing connection, we will make this product penetrate markets unthought of prior to our acquiring it.
We had previously thought that our solar energy creating rooftile would be our first product introduction into the grid-tie market, yet with the residential meltdown, we chose instead to focus R&D monies on the monitoring system, and it seems in hindsight to have been a good decision.

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