ICP and the solar farms connection.

Many investors have been wondering what is the big deal about the merger agreement we have signed. Where does it lead ICP? What happens to the consumer goods in light of a solar farm/rooftop focus.

The fact is that as a company engaged in small consumer goods, affording the publico costs, processes and requirements for disclosure put us at a significant disadvantage to our competitors. So a merger with an entity which has significant pipeline in solar farms, and therefore projected cash flow positive realities, makes perfect sense. It permits me (no longer CEO after 21 years) to focus on what I love to do…create award winning consumer directed solar chargers, while the responsibilities and tasks of a public company CEO and Chairman are passed on.

We are excited about this merger, and hope to announce its closing in the near future. Whatever happens, it has changed our sentiment on the future and permitted us to get goods flowing again. That in itself was tenuous in early Fall, and now is assured. It will take a while to get things fixed, yet I have a feeling that with the Energizer(R) company by our side, and this new partnership, and my resignation from the position for which I am not suited (at this time) to hold, I believe that the merged entities are looking at a great opportunity to create shareholder value beyond anything in the past.


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