Greenspace on its social gaming launch pad !

Our baby is about to leave the nest. GreenSpace, the first game by social gaming company RocketOwl (which we co-founded in 2010), is about to launch the beta version on Monday. This environmental social game is really designed for maximum fun while combining a clear message about our social responsibility for environmental and sustainable actions for our planet.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of the GreenSpace game, and I must say I am impressed. Victoria, our marketing intern, is giving us neat updates on life in this young social gaming company website. The social game development team is working into the wee hours in these final stages to have everything ready, yet as with all “beta” launches, this is really to get the quirks and bugs out before the “blast off” on July 1st, meant to coincide with Canada’s official birthday…”eh?” :).

As an interesting meeting of universes, both the social gaming and solar industries have their annual trade shows in San Francisco this coming July. I’ll be attending both (interesting crossing of paths I must say). Where is the synergy? Simple…social gaming has millions of eyeballs looking to socialize with sponsors in a fair manner so as to keep the game “free”, while forward-thinking clean technology companies can benefit from those eyeballs to create awareness of their brand in a forward-looking environment. Since this particular first game is set hundreds of years into the future, look for some very cool projections of technologies of today. I am imagining an electric-vehicle which hovers several feet about the ground….and has a built-in cappuccino machine!

Solar blog. Electric Vehicle blog. Gaming blog. Life blog. I wonder if its time for a rethink to my blog’s title?


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