Gadget overload leading to iOS and Android domination in game world..

It’s finally happening…Apple and Google are beating Nintendo and Sony as preferred gaming experiences. This article shows how the world has changed in just a few years and it turns the industry on its head in terms of future direction for hardware.

What does this mean for games such as our GreenSpace by RocketOwl? Essentially that dominance by hardware-attached games is gone and the new era of software-enhanced smartphones is where the gaming world is heading. We’ve seen the trending for a while, but now its the majority player.

Essentially this can even provide challenge to Facebook as an “exclusive” medium. The more you can “find friends” without Facebook, the more freedom you have in choosing who you play with online…and the less Facebook “owns” the experience, just like Sony or Nintendo.

This doesn’t mean that hardware accessories won’t be needed for certain activities. It only means that gone is the day when you needed cables and boxes. Connectivity through smartphones is now permitting radio stations to reach any part of the globe into a smartphone…why not games?


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  1. This is not surprising…with almost everybody (a lot of kids included) having phones, many of them smart phones, it’s no wonder that people are merely buying games on their phones. I have a lot of games and apps on my phone & other devices, and so do most people I know. I would be surprised if they started beating out the XBox 360…LOL

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