Facebook Feeble Financials…

Facebook underwhelms with latest financials. Not good news for an IPO valuation. The fact is that more and more people are telling me they spend less and less time on FB. Seems that they are getting a bit tired of watching everyone’s personal billboard or latest pictures with dog, new girlfriend (or boyfriend) that is the better model than the ex, or kids who just peed in the parking lot corner. OH! How Cute!

The reality is that more and more younger demographics are gravitating to Twitter where its short, sweet and your favourite rock or TV star just told you what they are eating!

Really have to start to wonder if “social media” is reaching some sort of peak and what lies in store beyond. The mavens in gaming are still betting on Facebook yet are starting to look at options like their own web interfaces and Google +.

I would say that FB will have to do some good spinning of why these numbers came in weak if its IPO valuation is to stay sky high…

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