Energize Solar at Digital Media Event

This is a youtube video of John Crawford, technology guru at Energizer, talking about Energizer’s various offerings in the solar sphere, including our own charging kits.

The response at CES was tremendous, even though we chose not to exhibit this year. The fact is that even Energizer no longer exhibits at the show and I believe we were redeemed by using a “virtual launch” instead. There are smarter ways to spend money than on freight, booth models and electrical hookups to promote the program.


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  1. Great, I suppose the stock price development underlines the effect of the video.

    But I found also good videos at you tube. These are product videos in German for Sunsei products.



    They were made by a small shop owner in Germany.

    If all business partners of ICP Solar develop such enthusiasm then I agree that the Sales growth will increase rapidly.

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