Detroit Dreams…

Just landed in Michigan for what will be a huge event. Luckily the rental car company had an American car to rent to me :)…

Looking forward to great things…



  1. Congrat$ says:

    Please expain how the stock SLMU will benefit from GM’s 7.5M investment into Sunlogics, and will there be a PR and 8-k for SLMU along with GM,s announcement 9am , Thanks in advance!

    • Sass Peress says:

      I hope by now you have read the announcement between GMV and Sunlogics today. I can’t tell you anything at this moment, yet remember that months ago we were cash-strapped, without a factory, and today we are not (Sunlogics PLC). SLMU was not created to sit idle, so you can bet that things will now start to move on all fronts to get both businesses moving forward. Our names are associated with both, and the relationship between the two entities will begin to crystallize in short order. That’s all I can tell you for now.

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