September 28, 2011

Green Space Social and Mobile Gaming industry getting busier…

There are now at least three games on Facebook that cover the “green” aspects of social gaming specifically. They are GreenSpace, Ecotopia and Trash Tycoon. So […]
September 25, 2011

Abbas’ UN move tacitally supported by Americans and Israelis?

Has anyone thought of the possibility that Obama and Netanyahu might actually be secretly applauding Abbas’ move this week at the UN without wanting to say […]
September 24, 2011

Renewable. Renewal. Renewz.

And so the journey begins a new step, as one door has closed and another opened. Here is the story of Renewz, my latest adventure. So….who […]
September 23, 2011

What’s the big difference between now and 100 years ago for electric vehicles?

Lithium. Politics. Economics. Environment. Lithium is a technological difference. Politics is a reality whereby security and safety are now major challenges to those who import fuel […]