September 29, 2005

Vivacious Valuations

Man has the market gone nuts or is it just me? 30X earnings on solar energy manufacturing companies? ERSOL over-subscribed by a multiple of three? Qcells […]
September 28, 2005

The butler won’t do it anymore!

Ask Jeeves, bought out by Barry Diller in July, is dropping its famed Butler logo in favor of a new brand identifier. The butler was good […]
September 27, 2005

Marvelous Massachusetts

The state is about to vote in some tax breaks for consumers that buy hybrid cars! If you’re hearing more and more about conservation and alternative […]
September 26, 2005

The “Herbal Essence” of Solar?

Is there anyone in North America who has not yet determined that the Herbal Essence brand of shampoo is the one that most men want their […]