We don’t need to save the planet for the planet.

I made this statement earlier this week at an engineering faculty research day in Ontario. Having been someone involved in solar power since 1988 when the other people involved in the industry were treehuggers and scientists, I can tell you that there were quite a few raised eyebrows in the crowd.

Nevertheless, I went onto explain that mother earth is completely capable of taking care of herself. When she feels the need to expel us due to our excesses, she will. In fact, she may even have her own agenda and not care what ours is. When the world cycle brings about floods or another ice age, we’re done for. Period. No quesitons asked. Nothing to do but leave.

So what is the fuss about burning fossil fuels and why do I maintain that we must move to all renewable energy and all electric cars? My answer is that while Earth will decide in the big picture, our contribution to her decision can be positive for us or not. If we wish to extend our lease, its only by loving Earth that she will allow it. When we send carbon emissions into the atmosphere, we are telling “her” that we don’t care. So if we don’t care, why should “she”. Gone be with you I’d say too!

The reality is that we are affecting the globe in terrible ways. Whether its waste or fumes or poisons in the water, we are destroying the very being that graces our lives with what we need to survive. And each decision we take will affect how fast we are expelled.

So when you hear me saying “we can’t save the planet”, its because I truly believe that we can’t. All we can do is do the right things to extend our time here.

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