Hybrid Energy Innovations Conference Comes to NYC

Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015 gives you the big picture on the dramatic transformation sweeping the energy industry

Historically, different segments of the energy market have been warring with each other, and a silo and zero-sum mentality have been pervasive in the industry. Now, a better and more compelling energy model has started to gain favor – hybrid energy, which offers greater benefits by blending together the attributes of many diverse renewable energy sources and fossil fuels, as well as combining energy storage. Essentially, hybrid energy affords a flexibility and versatility in energy production and distribution that is truly needed to propel the industry forward. Hybrid energy is changing the energy equation.
Next week I’ll be attending the Hybrid Energy Conf in New York city to report on the novelties in the energy sector which are going to shape how we produce, store, use and re-sell energy into the future.
Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015 provides a unique platform for participants to:

-Gain special insights into the innovative tools, techniques and strategies that are revolutionizing the energy industry
-Learn more about successful and far-reaching examples of hybrid energy products, projects and technologies
-Network with a wide range of key players in hybrid energy
-Help shape the future of this dynamic market

I’ll be reporting my findings after the conference next week. Stay tuned for pics and comments.

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