Down…yet not out!

My blog was down for a while because the domain was not renewed…accidentally. I’ve now moved it to my account so this should not happen again!

Apologies to the millions of readers who flock here each day (sic)…


  1. sunfever says:

    Hi Sass,

    you heared about the Arise Deal ? Now Salamon Group is senior secured creditos of Arise and gave the creditors Haverstock and Sandfire convertible bonds instead. Than Salamon will change name to Sunlogics Power Fund and then there will be a reverse splitt and the have the ability to give out 500 Mio shares…

    Whats going on ? Do they want to take over Arise ?

    What s the problem between Mr. Salamon and Michael ? Is it true, that he doesn t paid Mr. Salamon for the company. Is Michael still involved in Sunlogics Inc. also ?

    • sass says:

      I did hear about the deal like everyone else. I suspect they want to use arise project delivery ability/pipeline and the silicon technology. I doubt there is any use for equipment for module making in the tough environment in which they find themselves.

      I do not have the details of the issue between mr. Slalom and matvieshen. All I know is what we all read in public filings. I do not believe mike is still involved in Sunlogics inc.

      Hope this helps.

  2. sunfever says:

    Dear Sass,

    I think Salamon will make the reverse splitt. Than the shareprice is about 25 Cent. Than they will make a take over bid for Arise. 1 share Salamon Group against 1 share Arise at a course at 25 Cent. That s the reason they raised the number a potential shares to 500 Mio. There a 275 Mio Arise shares…

    What you think ?

  3. sunfever says:

    Hi Sass,

    Salamon is about to aquire the silicium assests of Arise Technologies. The details are on the homepage of PricewaterhouseCooper. On March the 02. the court will approve this, next week we get the details about that deal. What do they want with a silicium patent ? It is about producing 8N Silicium for under 15 Dollar / KG Poly Silicium. It s unique in the industry and could be worth a lot in the hands of the big companies like REC, Wacker Chemie, Hemlock or GCL Poly. But what does Salamon want with that patent ? Where do they have the money from ? It is a penny stock. where do they have the money from to aquire the canopy s from GM ? Where did they have the money from to buy 7.5 Million shares of Sunlogics ? I only wonder about this company. Management is changing a lot. They come and go from Sunlogics Incorporation. What the hell is going on ?

    • sass says:

      FIrstly, the $15/kg is an amount which nobody at Arise ever claimed. Its more like $20/kg. The reality is that every $/kg does count, and so their new task is to show that the technology can be proven in a scaled environment. What Salamon group might want with the patent is to own it, and then license it out to a maker of their choosing. Such a deal would unload from their responsibility the actual work while working with a development partner who would pay them an upfront fee and then royalty for the rights, while paying also to do the further development work. They didn’t need any money, they simply issued a debenture. For the shares of Sunlogics, it is likely they issued another debenture to the owner (probably MM) and that’s how they got those shares as well. That is all the information I can give you, admittedly some of it is my own guess, yet I am quite happy to be far from that group in this new stage for me.

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