February 22, 2006

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack….

Seems like the ripoff artists are back into the Kenyan market under brand Sunsolar. This force just won’t go away despite stringent regulations being brought into […]
February 15, 2006

Junk email replaced by junk blogs

I am hereby deleting my notification list and will no longer send you notices of a new blog post. If you believe that what I have to say is relevant, you'll simply sign up to the feeds available on the home page of my blog. If not, then frankly it speaks for itself and simply presses me to think about more relevant thoughts to put down in this electronic journal. See link below (if you're interested in the "why" I've chosen to take this action)...
November 8, 2005

Run Forrest Run..

Life is indeed like a box of chocolates, and we didn’t know what would happen until we bit in and launched last week. The child is […]
September 10, 2005

Our deepest fear is not…

Watched “Coach Carter” tonight with my family. Amongst the many lessons this movie can teach us, I picked this one to share: Our deepest fear is […]