September 9, 2007

Solar Plane Breaks Record

Stretching the technology to engage the imagination, that is what these applications represent for me. This solar plane is just the beginning… Sass
October 13, 2006

Injustice is never Invincible…

Those of the lower castes in India are finding an ingenious way out of the prejudice that is imposed upon them from birth..that of a caste […]
February 22, 2006

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack….

Seems like the ripoff artists are back into the Kenyan market under brand Sunsolar. This force just won’t go away despite stringent regulations being brought into […]
February 15, 2006

Junk email replaced by junk blogs

I am hereby deleting my notification list and will no longer send you notices of a new blog post. If you believe that what I have to say is relevant, you'll simply sign up to the feeds available on the home page of my blog. If not, then frankly it speaks for itself and simply presses me to think about more relevant thoughts to put down in this electronic journal. See link below (if you're interested in the "why" I've chosen to take this action)...