What happens when the president of the most powerful economy goes against what’s green?

The answer lies within us, in the industry…we simply turn it up. We thank him for being so against renewable energy. We thank him from clarifying to us and the rest of the world, that we won’t get his government’s support. We move into high gear and become masters of our own destiny.

Many people lament how Trump is supporting black oil and coal. They aren’t wrong, he’s a disaster for truth in pollution. He couldn’t care less about all of the people who will increase suffering of cardio-pulmonary effects. He’s going after votes, and nothing more.

So the best remedy to a government that won’t support us, is to reduce our need for support from it. Turn up development in renewable energy research, turn up the marketing, go after the market and take it to those who are allies of the old economy. Just look at the age of those making the decisions…how comfortable are they with new realities…not likely very. While many could be, they just are not in office and power, so let’s get a reality check on the whining about the US government’s new policies and simply make them unimportant.

Each business and home owner can make a decision today to turn towards renewables. Even if the cost up front isn’t as affordable, the cost to our children isn’t to be neglected. Let’s not think like many politicians (short term) and look to the long term view together.  We have the ability to effect the changes we want. We simply have to move them forward without asking for any support, and determine that wherever support we get is a bonus.

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