If you can’t beat them…own them!

Microsoft announced that it has formed an alliance with Novell for the Linux system if offers for free worldwide, with paid customer support.
This marks the first time that Microsoft “partners” with someone offering a competitive and freely distributed operating software platform in such a high profile. Adoption rates of Linux have been quicker in third world countries where the cost of a Microsoft license can be the equivalent to a few months of salary and slower in corporate/government/developed-country consumer adoption because of the fears of patent issues and also the relative income of those users.
Thus the “democracy” of the Open Source has won again. Or has it? When a giant like Microsoft gets involved, its only for $$$ reasons. Frankly, I would suspect that one day Microsoft could seek to either BUY Novell or at least it figures it keeps its finger on the pulse of developments to help ensure that its Windows platform “keeps up with the Joneses”.
Linux is developed as open-source, meaning that it benefits from free, worldwide development teams which are all working in different ways to use and improve its functionality for everyday consumer needs. Its really a matter of thousands of “davids” vs goliath in this situation and the fact that the giant decided to finally partner with Novell is a testament to the power of the democratization of software and the “ownership” which is slowly being moved from developer to consumer.
As this democratization is in line with the same movement with regards to marketing and communications in general, we see that the world today is evolving across many platforms yet in many ways..and much has to do with the increased use of technology to bring the power back to the people. Any brand worth its weight will realize this and capture the spirit in how it addresses its public…

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