ICP Solar Fiscal 2007 Annual Report

Today we filed our annual report for the year ending January 31st, 2007. While this was not the best year in our history, it was a monumental one in terms of turning the boat around. After we were hit by a chinese tsunami of fake rated products (still alive and kicking yet being found out each day for what they are…) we began a turnaround strategy whose culmination is the best line of mobile 12V solar chargers in the world (Sunsei) and a great OEM and rooftile initiative which will begin to bear fruit later this year.
So the results you see below were only surprising in the fact that we were able to maintain sales despite a low supply of silicon and financing. Once we went public in the Fall, things really began to turnaround for us. The best is always yet to come, however just as our competition begins to copy even our colors, we have a few surprises in store!
See results at this link.

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