I want to pump solar up!

Go Arnie Go! The “governator” wants to have a million solar roofs in California and bless him for it. Its refreshing to have a republican leader in office countering the others who are oil barons. And as long as he can navigate the political waters, Governor Arnie will indeed get his wish. It is the most ambitious solar program ever offered in the United States and rivals what the governments in Japan and Germany have done. Can’t wait for our solar slate to adorn his governor’s mansion..hey, a guy can dream can’t he?
As stated in the article linked above, the “burden of roof” will be in the successful implementation. They believe that such programs can bring down the cost of solar to be competitive with fossil fuels and its probably true if you figure in the cost of pollution of those non-renewable power sources. Pump it up Arnold…and its no longer a gas pump we’re hoping to be the source of your power!
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  1. Paula says:

    In your opinion, what is the big hold up in supporting renewable engery? Is it the cowboys that have been in office, who happen to have huge investments and friends in the oil business? I know that a company creating fuel based on chicken waste has had to move their processing plants out of the states, due to being “driven out.” People were complaning of smell and environmental issues…hmm sounds like oil processing to me.
    I think the issue is that we are asking people to make a paradigm shift of major proportion. People don’t value the cost of environmental cleanup at the moment. They see the price of solar vs price of coal/oil and they never factor in the cost of environment. That is why there are environmental subsidies in countries like Germany to help people change their habits, and then once they do, you no longer need the subsidies. Be patient, there is no other way but renewables for the future.

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