Energizer(R) solar power website goes live at CES…

The new www.energizersolar.com website went live today. Its a view of good things to come in the renewables sector. Energizer(R) itself announced a range of solar powered lights last night at Digital Media Conference. Its looking like a sunny year to come…


  1. Congratulation for the launch. There are some nice products and if i think of all the cars in the cold states now it might be useful for them to have a Solarcharger for their battery.

    But I think for several small house owners the EZ 3900 seems to be in a reasonable pricerange and is easy to install. You may should promote this model.

    The global Solarmarket has now a size of about 30 billion Dollar and a rapid growth to more than 70 billion Dollar till 2015 is forecasted.

    Several analyst came to the result that the supply of Solar techs is twice than the demand.

    This leads now during the recession to the fact that many small companies struggle and will vanish.

    For all surviving companies this will mean a larger piece of the pie.

    Therefore ICP Solar has excellent growth chances.

    You know I am always also critical to make constructive suggestions. Although the layout of the script is pretty good, the programmer forgot to embed meta keywords and meta descriptions.

    So if somebody searches in searchengines solar shop then he will not find the shop, because the search engines do not find the keywords and description.

    Please ask someone who knows SEM and SEO. He will be able to discuss what else a script needs to match the full Marketing potential.

    You will agree that it will help a lot if the shop is for important solar related keywords always among the Top listed.

    Well and please view up current Solar Charger of Energizer, especially the flip version. This was developed with another Solarpartner.

    It would be good if you develop an ICP version that is better. These kind of pockettechs simply can reach large scales and probably I also would order one.

    Nevertheless having a shop and products requires now massively marketing in order to sell.

    Its time to market.

    Selling in the Internet has the disadvantage of having no distributors. This can be solved with Affiliateadvertising.

    Use a searchengine and search Affiliate USA then you will already find a list of several networks.

    Affiliate marketing is the most important tool for online shops, does not matter what you sell. Important is to carry the target group to the website.

    Well and when you make the launch official for instance make a special discount offer for the first 100 or 1000 orders or make a yearly lottery among all people who purchase something. This can be published additionally in news forums and magazines.

    And highlight a little bit more sustainability and environmental aspects.

    The customers should know that they not only buy good products, but its is also good for nature and future generations if they use solar techs.

    Customer-education is necessary for new technologies to create customer-awareness and acceptance of modern products.

    Sure all people who learned natural sciences understand the basic theories of Solar Energy, but the majority of mankind has a very limited knowledge of natural sciences.

    They need to know what the benefits of a Solarcharger compared to a conventional are and why it is worth to pay a higher price for the Solar version.

    From my point of view you can reach with the right mix of Affiliatemarketing and SEO a Salesvolume of several million, but you will have to think of 15-20% Marketing expenses in your business plan.

    If the management of ICP as well the shareholders concentrate on Marketing then in best case ICP will turn not only profitable but also can use money to take over cheap several of the struggling companies.

    Every recession will also past one day and as long we are in this market then it is my opinion that ICP Solar has to become a Lion in Marketing.

    • Sass Peress says:

      You are not just quite right, you are COMPLETELY right, and this is my mandate for 2010. Lots of things coming at ICP. I know I’ve said it before, so for now I will shut up and


  2. Dear Sass,

    I saw that you promote that the solar market will grow to over 100 billion in just 3 years.

    Read the research from Lux Inc. , they think the market will grow till 2015 to only 70 billion Dollar.
    And they are experts in research.

    The problem is simply that today already exist so many solar companies that the supply is twice high than the demand.

    The result is stiff competition and so solar companies dump their products to empty their halls.

    This simply will hold down the market so that small players simply will run bancrupt. By the way can ICP take a huge loan to takeover Arise? They struggle and are weak now.

    Companies that successfully compete of course at the end will be very healthy.

    Indeed it is my opinion that when ICP uses the correct marketing strategy that it is possible to reach already this year a sales volume of over 100 Million Dollar.

    As you will agree the market already is billions big, so the target group only has to be reached.

    This can only happen through more expenses and activities in marketing.

    Well and through shortage of funds in the company it needs alternative ways of marketing.

    Please use free PR Channel and newsfeeds. They spread news to plenty thousand of websites.

    Also make a list of chief editors of target group related magazines and send invitations for unique interviews. Some will allow that you send in stories about current product development and design. Exploit free media.

    ICP needs now a large dosis of free press. The more attention, the more sales and then automatically comes money in for more marketing activities.

    And also think social. It is my opinion that every successful company also should drive a policy that is benefitial for the society.

    If ICP can afford please place everyday a product at ebay at start price of 1 Dollar and offer that the money after fees and taxes is donated everyday to another charity project.

    Think of the solarpanels for the car or something in a price range of 20-50 Dollar. There is no newspaper or magazin on this planet that reaches similiar visitors so its a really cheap marketing way.

    And you would do something good.

    Well and if you can manage that ICP can afford the best for videoclips then negotiate with “The Sweet Shop”.

    Review their references, you will agree that they are very specialized in producing efficient and high end commercials that can be used vor viral marketing in the web.


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