Solar Industry

December 23, 2011

The big guns are getting into the solar game..spells good news for solar installers..not for others…

Foxconn is getting into the solar module making game. The maker of iPhones is used to working on razor-thin margins and will change the game for […]
December 22, 2011

BP shutting its solar division…no surprise!

BP Solar is going to be no more. According to this article, BP is calling it quits on solar power after decades in the game. I […]
December 8, 2011

Apple puts solar roof as priority, follows Microsoft and Google leads.

Its rare that Apple is behind Google or Microsoft in terms of application of innovation, yet in the energy arena, the two latter names have installed […]
November 22, 2011

GE targets $3 per watt for residential rooftop solar by 2015

Now some sense is coming to our industry! GE has figured out that its not just the cost of the solar panels, which can be brought […]