September 1, 2005

Keep the donations going…

Visit FEMA’s website to see what you can do to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. ICP Solar donated today 10 Coleman Solar Power Packs through […]
August 31, 2005

Helping those in need after Katrina…

“The biggest problem facing authorities, they said, was an inability to communicate.” That is a direct quote from this article which appeared this morning on […]
August 15, 2005

Sean es un donante!

Congrats to Sean O’Donoghue, our Montreal-based engineer and consumer service technician. Sean kept in touch with a group that was raising funds for cancer and help […]
August 14, 2005

Lights for Learning

Imagine kids being burned accidentally by kerosene lamps in an african home. That is what is happening all across Africa in homes where they use kerosene […]