Carbon Quota Conundrums

I’ve decided to add a new category today named CLIMATE CHANGE and this is the first posting, after several which I fit into other categories from Community to Events.
Today’s deals with the carbon caps proposed to one of the leading countries in solar power in the world..Germany. The EU has proposed carbon caps shy of what Germany had hoped.
Because what happens in Germany will affect what happens to the rest of the EU (Europe) and what happens there WILL affect what happens in the rest of the world. You see whether the countries are attached to the Kyoto Protocol, or like Canada and the USA are proposing their own carbon cap mechanisms (those who dared OPT out even though previous governments had agreed), the basic message is simple…its going to get very expensive for countries that don’t follow the rules and move towards more environmentally friendly power generation or power savings technologies, whether you are powering a manufacturing plant, a home or a moving vehicle.
Solar power obviously fits into this picture very well and many would look at what ICP Solar is doing and perhaps consider its effects on climate change as minuscule because we are selling smaller sized panels across hundreds of thousands of users per year. While it may be true that the total wattage we put into the global community is small when compared to some giants, the fact is that we also seed the market which then graduates to learn about solar power with little investment and then may move on to buy larger systems…hence our purchase of Discover Power, one of the founding distributors in the solar market in the USA.
If we all continue to take steps towards zero net emissions, whether energy conservation or any renewable energy initiative, we are doing it for our children. They are the first generation which will have benefited from the initiatives started today, since it will take a while before we see net improvements in emissions. Let there be conundrums about carbon emissions any day, I say. Its the fact that we are spending so much time on this subject that brings a smile to my face, and my heart.

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