Blog freedom needs a challenge…

Thoughts today from internet gurus who are debating whether or not blogs should have content warnings, just like porn or violence-laden websites, tv shows, etc…
There are two minds: one is the purist who sees the internet as the ultimate freedom of expression, say what you wish, when you wish and “buyer beware” mentality, and the other who feels that like any other “media”, the internet should be warning about content and now more particularly, bloggers about content on their site.
Why should a blogger’s site be different from a professional media/content site, and where do we now draw the distinction? How do you define the line between what should warn and what should not?
I believe that these lines have already been drawn for all kinds of sites and that blog sites should be no different. You’re simply being courteous in the most free of all communities. I’m not advocating legalizing this, however just as the advertising industry has its own self-regulating council, why should not the “blog” industry? And if you think that blogging has become anything less than an industry, let’s call a spade a spade…I and many other CEO’s would not likely be blogging were it not to help promote our own companies (how’s THAT for honesty?).
The key, as in everything else in life, is what you wish to be known for. Blog sites which have content where there is no line drawn, should warn their readers, and then its up to the reader to determine if this is for them. At least you would have done people navigating the internet the courtesy of warning them. What a word…courtesy…is it still in our vocabulary?

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