June 30, 2005

Solutions vs Opportunities

OK, so everyone’s starting to get on this “offer them solutions, not products” bandwagon. We see it everywhere we go now in the marketing of services […]
June 29, 2005

Solar Birthday

Turning 45 years of age today, I woke up to Sunshine (that’s the name of our golden retriever). Its also describes how my wife and kids […]
June 26, 2005

Solar Slate Stud

Which solar charging roof system interests you…the one that looks like a real roof…or the ugly blue one? Sorry if my language seems skewed (force of […]
June 23, 2005

Watt is a Watt?

P=V*A. Most of us learned this formula early on in our educational cycle. Watts equals Volts times Amps. In the solar industry, watts are used to […]