August 2, 2005

What’s your brand?

Tell me, what does your brand stand for? Is it just a name, a logo, a funky slogan? Did you even ever give it more than a momentary thought or effort? A brand is more than a promise. This blog deals with my views on the value you can bring to yourself and/or your organization by understanding branding and brands, and some examples of branding that works for both personal and corporate value. I use the example of Wayne Sales, CEO of Canadian Tire, to help illustrate the points of personal branding, and Coca-Cola as a corporate example...
July 29, 2005

Defining leaders…is anyone following you?

As I’ve gone through my life, stages have appeared sometimes because of my own doing or because of things happening around me, that changed my views […]
July 28, 2005


Wondering what these interesting symbols mean? Not if you’re chinese! They stand for “solar power”. I’m just on my way home from a long overseas trip […]
July 25, 2005

Race on, eh!

Fully one quarter of the remaining cars in the American Solar Challenge are Canadian, including the one from Queen’s University, my own alma matter. If you […]