A Solar Power Blogger Deflowered

OK so I admit it..I’ve never blogged before. But with all I’ve heard its going to be a lot of fun and education, sharing daily thoughts with a bunch of like-minded, positive people who are interested in how we can use solar energy to better our lives.
However, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank so many people in my life that have brought “sunshine” upon it or who even have helped me grow through adversity. We can learn much from friends and foes alike.
Since I believe that change is the only constant, we must embrace it and remember that a foe today can be a friend tomorrow. It is why in the book “The Art of War” one is encouraged to treat even foes with complete respect. I must admit it has not always been my case, but I am glad to have reached this point in my life where I will leave no stone unturned in attempts to win people over as friends.
So today’s first blog entry will be dedicated to thanking those who have been in my life either yesterday or today and through which who I am today, and will become tomorrow, I owe much appreciation.
To my parents who determined that the only way to become a Canadian was to make a Canadian…what else can I say but thank you for giving me life and teaching me so much about it! You gave me a head start that many only dream of.
To my wife who truly helped me become a better man. Anyone surrounded by such love and beauty could not help but be enriched. We’ve been through so much together yet our life is blessed with four children, a warm and caring home and friends that abound, with much credit to you.
To my younger siblings, I hope that with each passing day we may be greater inspiration to each other than the one before.
To my friends, whom I consider my extended family, you’ve been there through thick and thin always challenging the very old adage that “blood is thicker than water” and proving it so wrong so often. You’ve been there for me, my family, and have helped us create a wonderful life each time we spend together.
To my colleagues of past and present, I have been enriched and hopefully so have you. We’ve created new paradigms, surprised those that spoke of potential demise and proven that our longevity is thanks to our tenacity and dedication to making ICP the best solar company on earth. Some of you have even moved on to compete and that’s OK. As long as we all play with respect and fairness, our activities can only serve to enrich the lives of others through the spreading of the “solar gospel”.
To our partners worldwide, thank you for helping make ICP a stronger entity, recognized across the globe for excellence in the services and solutions we provide to our customers. We would not be what we are today without you.
So there it is, my first blog entry ever. From here on expect to read daily about my thoughts on life, business and how solar will become the number one power source within a few decades. May the sun be abundant in all our lives. As Winston Churchill once said “A living is made by what you get..a life is made by what you give”.
Tata for today,

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  1. Paola & Andre Tawil says:

    You can transform reality as a sunny dream by giving your intelligent humour and strong and positive personality.You are an example for everybody. Congratulations,Paola and Andre.

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